An applied process to give beams their natural look without the need for sand blasting, mechanical or chemical stripping with NO mess or the need to redecorate or repair plaster.

About Renaissance beams!

A Brief History

Penny came up with the process in 1997 after a client asked if there was anything she could do with the black beams in her 17th century cottage. The local conservation officer would not allow sand blasting as it was a listed building and chemical / hand stripping was too messy and would take too long.

After a bit of trial and error a recipe was evolved. Over the next year the process (recipe and technique) were refined and improved.

2005 finalist in the County Living Magazine "Women in Rural Enterprise" for the "back from black" beam process, since then we have worked all around the UK

2006 finalist in the "Cotswold Life" Business awards (Innovation of the year).

2006 Renaissance Beams listed in the Cotswold top 50 businesses in the "Cotswold Life" magazine.

2009 won the Business Achievement Award for Renovation Specialist of The Year